Wednesday, February 14, 2018


1 The key to survival is to slow down and divide the challenges into small tasks, one goal at a time, one decision at a time.
2 When faced with an emergency 80% of people freeze, 10% lose control, and 10% keep calm.
3 The other important factor is knowing the right thing to do in a crisis.

2 stunned 5 rational 8 manageable tasks 3 challenge 6 overcome 4 bewildered
7 keep calm

3 a
1 desperate 6 delighted 2 offended 7 devastated 3 disappointed 8 horrified
4 bewildered 9 overwhelmed 5 astonished

1 to go into the rainforest for seven days and visit an undiscovered Indian village, then raft (= travel on a small boat usually made of wood) back down the river. After seven days they still hadn’t found the village and there were tensions in the group, so they decided to turn around and go back to Apolo, their starting point.
2 a Karl (the guide) didn’t seem to know where the village was.
b Marcus was complaining about everything, especially his feet.
3 Because Kevin still wanted to raft, as they had originally planned, but didn’t want Marcus to come. He persuaded Yossi to join him.

1 They went faster and faster, and then hit a rock. Kevin swam to land, but Yossi was swept away.
2 He swam to the river bank and found their backpack with a lot of important and useful things in it, e.g. the map.

3 Kevin – desperate, responsible for what had happened to Yossi. Yossi – quite optimistic, sure he would find Kevin
4 Yossi woke up and found a jaguar looking at him, but he managed to scare it away (by setting fire to insect repellent with a cigarette lighter).

5 Because he was exhausted and starving. Then he found a footprint which he thought was Kevin’s, but eventually he realized it was his own. He had been walking around in a circle.

6 He had been looking for Yossi.
7 He decided to save himself.
8 He had floated down the river on a log and had been rescued by two Bolivian hunters, who hunted in that part of the rainforest once a year

9 He asked the Bolivian army to look for Yossi.
10 Because the plane had to fly too high and the forest was too dense. They couldn’t see anything.
11 He paid a local man to take him in his boat to look for Yossi.

12 For nearly three weeks. He was starving, exhausted, and slowly losing his mind.
13 He thought it was a bee, but in fact it was the engine of the boat Kevin was in.

Monday, February 12, 2018


Resultado de imagen de relationships vocabulary

• Describe your ideal partner.
• What is the minimum length of time you need to spend with somebody to know whether you are attracted to them?
• What would turn you off somebody immediately?
• Have you ever spent a whole evening on a date with somebody you didn’t like?
• Would you ever try speed dating?
• Would you consider dating someone you had met over the Internet? Why or why not?

  • To fancy someone = To be attracted to someone
  • To fall in love with someone / to fall in love at first sight/to be in love
  • To have a crush on somebody= to like someone in a romantic sense (usually the idea is that this person is inaccessible)
  • To go out with somebody
  • To be on the same wavelength
  • to flirt (with somebody) to behave playfully towards another person who you are - or pretend to be - attracted to romantically or sexually. A flirt is a person who likes to flirt
  • Have an affair /ə`f ɛ ə/  with someone = have a secret sexual relationship with somebody
  • A steady /stedi/ relationship / a steady boy/girlfriend
  • To propose to someone= to ask somebody to marry you
  • To get engaged to / to be engaged   to / engagement (noun)= to promise to marry somebody
  • Fiancé(man) /fiancée (woman) /fi` ɒ nsei/ the woman or man you are engaged to  get married
  • To marry someone /To be married to someone /To get married
  • Wedding/ bride/ (bride)groom/ honeymoon(to be on honeymoon)
  • to get in touch with / to be in touch with/ to lose touch
  • to have a lot in common with someone
  • to get on well with someone
  • to become friends
  • o settle down: to give up the single life and start a family
  • to be head over heels in love with...
  • To be unfaithful
  • You can refer to your former girl/boyfriend , wife or husband as your “ex-“
  • To split up/ to break up = to end a relationship
  • to fall out with someone
  • to dump someone
  • Sadly, not all marriages last forever, either. Sometimes couples will separate. They don’t want to live together anymore, but they don’t want to get divorced yet.
  • be married to one’s work

Thursday, February 8, 2018



  • Are you annoyed when your partner, husband, or wife flirts with someone else ?
  • Do bad mannered people upset you?
  • Do you get angry when politicians make promises they can't keep?
  • Do you get angry when you watch the news on TV and see all the terrible things happening in the world?
  • Does it annoy you when shop assistants try to sell you things you don't need?
  • Does it annoy you when someone interrupts you when you are speaking?
  • Does it annoy you when someone knows everything better than you and says so?
  • Does it annoy you when you are waiting in a long queue and someone pushes in front of you?
  • Does it annoy you when your teacher speaks too quickly?
  • Does it drive you crazy to always see the same faces and read about the same celebrities in the gossip columns?
  • Does it drive you crazy when waiters ignore you?
  • Does it drive you crazy when you have invited people to dinner and they come late and the meal is spoiled?
  • Does it make you angry when motorists drive too closely behind you?
  • Does it make you angry when people make nasty comments about you ?
  • Does it make you angry when you have made an appointment to see the doctor at a certain time and he/she keeps you waiting for ages ?
  • Does it upset or annoy you when a beggar asks you for money?
  • Does it upset you when have to say "No" when someone asks you for help?
  • Does it upset you when you see homeless people?
  • Does it upset you when you see people hitting children or animals?
  • Does it upset you when you see pictures of famines in India, Africa or other countries?

Wednesday, February 7, 2018


WRITING: Write a political programme for your party including the aspects below. 

Length:190-220 words
Deadline: 14th -15th February.

TIP: Use the conditional structures (2nd and 3rd if possible). Use the “wish” structure whenever possible to explain what your future plans would be.

Our slogan: ______________________________________

-If we were elected, we would reduce taxes on…… and ……, which would mean that….
-We would also increase taxes on…. because it would stop people……..

-If we became the government, we would spend more money on……, which would mean that more people would…..
-We would reduce the amount of money spent on….., because….

-If ….. became prime minister, he/she would …..

- The …. Party’s main health policy would be……

-If …… ,unemployment would be reduced.
- In order to create more jobs, we would also…..

-If …… was made illegal,….



Monday, February 5, 2018


Wishes and hypotheses HERE
- How to use "wish" HERE

"Wish" activity in class (Speaking in pairs)

Student A
Circle 1: a well-known person you wish you could meet or could have met
Circle 2: a new gadget you wish you had
Circle 3: a name you wish your parents had called you (instead of the one they gave you)
Circle 4: something you wish the local government would do to improve your town / city
Circle 5: a concert or sporting event you wish you’d been able to go to
Circle 6: something you wish people wouldn’t do in the cinema
Circle 7: an activity you wish you didn’t have to do every day
Circle 8: a language (other than English) you wish you could speak
Circle 9: something you wish you had learnt to do when you were younger
Circle 10: something you wish you hadn’t spent money on

Student B
Circle 1: a TV drama or comedy you wish they had made more series of
Circle 2: something you wish drivers or cyclists would or wouldn’t do
Circle 3: somebody you wish you could see more often
Circle 4: somewhere you wish you had a house or flat
Circle 5: a free time activity you wish you had more time to do
Circle 6: a group or singer you wish would come and play in your city
Circle 7: something you wish hadn’t been invented
Circle 8: something you wish people wouldn’t do on social networking sites
Circle 9: something annoying you wish someone in your family wouldn’t do
Circle 10: something you wish you had learnt to do when you were younger

Making wishes (Present & Future)
- Write 2 things that annoy you and you would like people to change. (exercise 1d page 48)
e.g. I wish peeople wouldn't start stupid rumours that aren't true.
- Write 2 things you wish you could do but you can't (exercise 6c, page 51)
-Write 2 things you wish you had which would improve your life. (exercise 6, page 51)

Making wishes (Past) (=REGRETS)
-Write 2 things you wish you had done when you were younger. (exercise 6c, page 51)

-Write 2 things you wish you hadn't done when you were younger. (exercise 6c, page 51)